Best Anchors For Stucco Wall

When selecting anchors for stucco, it’s important to choose anchors that are meant to be used with stucco. There are specific anchors made for this application. They provide the strongest, most securest hold and help prevent any cracking in the material due to thermal expansion cycles. Selecting a proper anchor will also allow for easy and efficient installation and durable results.

Some of The Best Anchors Reviews for Stucco

1. Klein Tools 53729 Conical Anchor Kit

klein tools 53729 conical anchor kit

The Klein Tools 53729 Conical Anchor Kit is great for fastening items to walls and other masonry surfaces. The kit comes with a drive system featuring a Phillips head style for increased user control. Constructed of strong alloy steel, this high-grade material is tough and resistant to corrosion.

Conical Anchor Kit is perfect for securely holding screws in place With 100 #2 Phillips screws, 100 conical anchors, and a 1/4-inch masonry drill bit included. This multi-purpose anchor kit contains a variety of sizes from #6 to #14 for ultimate versatility. This anchor kit is easily portable and great to have on hand for any job.

This kit is perfect for all your fastening needs. The lightweight anchors allow for a secure fit while eliminating. The need to drill separate holes for each screw. This kit is ideal for woodworking, drywall, and masonry projects, with its easy-to-use design and long-lasting materials. It is an essential tool for any DIYer or professional.


• Constructed strong alloy steel for increased strength.

• Comes in a variety of sizes.


• May not secure heavier items for long-term use.

2. Plastic Wall Conical Anchors

plastic wall conical anchors

They provide stability and grip due to their horizontal fins. They are suitable for use in hollow walls and concrete, brick, or masonry. These anchors come in a 100-pack and include #10-#12 blue anchors. Easy to install and have a drill size of 1/4″. They also provide a flush, clean appearance once installed and have very high ease of use.

These Anchors are a great choice for secure stucco installation. Each anchor measures 1 inch with an expandable conical design. That helps to prevent unwanted rotation and makes them perfect for use in stucco.

They are constructed with a heavy-duty plastic material. Tested for maximum tensile and shear strength, guaranteeing reliable support for a variety of projects. The anchors come in a convenient blue color and are easy and cost-effective.


• Secure stucco installation.

• Heavy-duty plastic material


• Can only be used for 1/4″ drill sizes

3. QCQIANG Drywall Anchors

QCQIANG drywall anchors

QCQIANG Drywall Anchors are made from plastic and steel for excellent rust and oxidation resistance. The anchor measures 1.95in*0.48in*1.19in, and the accompanying screw is 2.0in long. These anchors feature a newly developed anti-roll technology that keeps them steady even when used on soft walls or drilled holes. With self-tapping screws required, no pre-drilling is necessary. These anchors are thick and hardened with pure nylon material, making them safe and secure.

These Anchors are great solutions for hanging frames, shelves and other objects. These anchors feature a flat head and come with easy-to-use instructions.

They are ideal for frameless balcony windows, anti-theft doors and windows, and kitchen and bathroom components. It can be used in various decoration occasions to fasten air conditioners, water heaters and more. Installation is easy and secure, and the anchors are built to last.


• Provide stability and grip

• Easy to install

• High tensile and shear strength


•None that I can think of!

4. Heavy Duty Steel Wall Anchor

heavy duty steel wall anchor

This Heavy Duty Steel Wall Anchor with Screws set includes 40 pcs in a convenient tree shape steel wall anchor. Perfect for hanging items on the hollow wall and wooden wall. It is crafted from high-quality, rust-proof steel for strong and durable performance. These wall anchors are designed with a reasonable geometric shape. Which firmly expands when the screw is inserted to keep items securely in place.

Each package includes 20 pack 4/17 × 1 1/4 inch tree-shaped steel anchors and 20 pack #5 × 1 4/7 inch Phillips screws. Ensuring you have all the essentials to get the job done.

The smooth and concise surface makes it safer and more reliable for your family. Size is 6x32mm. Perfect for shelves, mirrors, picture frames and other decoration projects. This anchor is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including concrete walls, hollow walls, and dry walls. Making it the perfect solution for a variety of projects.


•Easy to install and use.

•Made of high-quality and rust-proof steel for strong and durable performance.


•None that I can think of!

5. QCQIANG 240pcs Zinc Self-Drilling Anchors

QCQIANG 240pcs zinc self-drilling anchors

The QCQIANG 240pcs Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors offer an anchor and screw. Combination with a cross groove drill bit for heavy-duty applications. Made from strong zinc alloy and featuring an easy-to-install design. These wall anchors have self-tapping screws that increase grip strength to help keep things secure on drywall, wood and more.

Each kit includes 240 pieces to accommodate any size project. The screw surface is galvanized, which prevents oxidation and ensures longevity. The size of the anchor is 1.25″ x 0.51″ x 0.22″, and the screw is 1.46″ x 0.34″.

These screw-in type gypsum board expansion screws. It can be used to connect and fix various small pendants, both indoors and outdoors.


• Prevents oxidation and ensures longevity

• Self-tapping screws increase grip strength

• Can be reused for convenience


• Not suitable for extremely heavier items

6. T.K.Excellent Plastic Anchors

T.K.Excellent Plastic Anchors

This assortment kit comes with 66 pieces, including ribbed anchors and Phillips panel head self-tapping screws. The 6-#8,#10-#12, and #12-#14 anchors are ideal for light-duty wall-mounting projects up to 20 or 30 lbs.

They are made of ANSI certified #6×1″,#10×1-1/2 Phillips, pan head self-tapping screws that are perfect for any application. The product is packaged in a handy plastic case for practical storage. These anchors are a great choice for hanging decorations or small shelves without worrying about the weight limit.

The screws are precisely made. Enabling them to be tapped through drywall without the need for pre-drilling. The sawtooth edges on ribbed anchors help grab the wall firmly. Perfect for safely securing shelves, hooks and other accessories onto drywall. They provide a secure hold and help you finish jobs quickly and easily.


•Variety of sizes to choose from

Durable materials for increased holding power


•Anchors may be too large for smaller objects.

Buying Guide for Anchors for Stucco

Few Important Considerations To Keep in Mind

Determine Your Needs

First and foremost, you need to determine your needs. Evaluate the weight of what you are hanging and ensure that the anchors you choose can handle it. Anchors come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it is important to choose the right one for your application.

Choose Appropriate Material

The two primary materials used for stucco are concrete and mortar. Concrete is a stronger material and is best suited for heavy-duty applications such as hanging large mirrors or large wall decorations. Mortar is the preferred option for lighter objects like small pictures or shelves. Choose the appropriate material to ensure the anchors stay secure.


Different types of anchors work with different materials. Expansion anchors can be used with solid masonry walls, whereas concrete screws work better with plastic stucco, concrete, and brick. Masonry screws and lag screws are best used on wood and concrete, respectively. Hammer drills work with all types of materials except plastic.


The anchors should be selected based on the maximum load that needs to be supported.

Select Quality Anchors

When looking for anchors, look for ones that are strong and have a good surface finish. Make sure that the anchors you choose are made of quality materials that won’t rust or corrode over time. Additionally, make sure that the anchors you choose are rated for stucco walls.


Before installing the anchors, make sure that the stucco surface is clean and free of dust and debris. Measure and mark where you’d like to install the anchors, and then insert them into the

What Kind of Anchors to Use in Stucco?

There are many types of anchors that can be used, depending on the stucco application and the surface onto which the stucco will be applied. Here are some of the most common types of anchors used for stucco:

Mechanical Anchors

•Mechanical anchors are inserted into predrilled holes in stucco.

•They are threaded to a wall or beam and secured with a nut.

•These anchors provide the most secure.

•Commonly used are masonry screws and toggle bolts.

Self-Drilling Anchors

•Self-drilling anchors are designed with a sharp point to penetrate the stucco.

•They have a threading at the tip that screws into the substance behind the stucco.

•These are appropriate for light to medium loads.

• Commonly used is a tapcon screw.

Expansion Anchors

•Expansion anchors are similar to mechanical anchors.

•They are inserted into a hole that is predrilled with a slightly larger diameter.

•When inserted into the stucco, the anchor expands and locks against the wall or beam.

•Expansion anchors are commonly used for loads.

Drop-in Anchors

•Drop-in anchors are made from zinc-plated steel and can be used inside and outside.

• They have a wider head than wedge anchors. Allowing them to provide more contact surface area and a tighter fit when screwed into the stucco.

•Drop-in anchors also come with a square, self-drilling tip designed to drill into hard materials such as stucco.

Concrete Screws

•Concrete screws are zinc-plated steel screws with a pointed tip and a coarse thread.

• Designed for a quick and secure hold into the stucco and other masonry surfaces.

•They have a unique head design that enables them to be installed with a no-strip Phillips or flathead screwdriver.

Shield Anchors

•Shield anchors are designed for use in stucco and other masonry materials.

•These anchors consist of a galvanized steel sleeve with a set of threaded, cone-shaped shafts.

•When inserted into a hole in the stucco, the shield anchors expand with a ratchet-like action for a secure hold.

How to Install Anchors in Stucco?

1. Start by preparing the surface on which you will be installing the stucco anchor. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt or debris from the surface.

2. Mark the area where you want to install the anchor. Use the instructions from your stucco anchor’s manufacturer to determine the size of the hole for the anchor.

3. Drill the hole needed for the anchor for the mounting screws. Remember to drill at a 90-degree angle and drill in at least 1/3 the length of the anchor.

4. The hole should be slightly deeper and wider than the screw size to allow for adequate gripping and security.

5. Insert the anchor into the hole and screw it into place using a screwdriver or power drill with a screw bit. Turn the screws in one at a time for a secure fit.

6. Place the object you are hoping to secure onto the stucco anchor. Depending on the size of the object, secure it using the screws or onto the anchor itself. Use caution when tightening screws to avoid stripping or damaging the stucco.

7. Test the security of the anchor by jiggling the object you secured. If the object is securely attached and not wobbly, then the stucco anchor has successfully been installed.

Frequently Ask Question Are Answered

1. What is The Best Anchor to Use in Stucco?

The best type of anchor to use in stucco is a high-quality masonry anchor that is rated for use in stucco walls. The anchor should have strong, corrosion-resistant construction and be able to hold a load of at least 75 pounds. Additionally, it should come pre-equipped with an appropriate drill bit and be easy to install.

2. How Much Can a Stucco Anchor Hold?

It depends on the size and type of anchor, as well as the substrate material to which it is attached. The amount of weight a stucco anchor can hold can range from 50 to 200 pounds or more.

3. What is The Strongest Concrete Anchor?

The strongest concrete anchor is a wedge anchor. Wedge anchors are available in various sizes and are designed to provide superior holding power in concrete and masonry substrates.

4. What is The Most Heavy-Duty Wall Anchor?

The toggle bolt is the most heavy-duty wall anchor. It is made of metal and has a spring-loaded toggle that expands behind the wall to give it superior holding power.


The best anchors for stucco are those that are heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant, such as stainless steel, vinyl-coated steel, and nylon plugs. They provide maximum strength and are less likely to require frequent replacement. With the right anchors and proper installation, you can avoid issues with stucco walls.

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