Kershaw Leek Vs Oso Sweet Which One Is The Best? 

Knives are of infinite types, and you can use any kind you wish. But at least you can look through a guideline to find the perfect knife for you. Kershaw Leek and Kershaw Oso Sweet both are good quality pocket knives for “Everyday Carry” EDC. Depending on your preference, you can choose one.

Kershaw Leek Vs. Kershaw Oso Sweet Comparison 

Kershaw Leek and Kershaw Oso Sweet both are designed by “Knife Guru” Ken Onion. These knives pulled Kershaw on top of the list right now.

FeatureKershaw LeekKershaw Oso SweetWinner
Blade MaterialSandvik 14C28N steel8Cr13MoV
Chinese-made steel
Kershaw Leek
Leek has the blade length of 7.6 cm.(3in)
The blade is coated with “Bead-blasted finish”.
This blade has a thickness of 2.29 mm.(0.09 in)
Oso sweet come with a length of 7.6 cm.( 3 in)
This is coated with “Satin finish”
Oso Sweet has a thickness of 2.75 mm.( 0.108 in)
Kershaw Oso Sweet.
But if you like to modify your knife than you can choose the Kershaw leek
Tip’s FragilityLeek’ tip is incredibly fragile and can snap off due to moderate pressure.It’s not as fragile as the leek. You can do moderate and some heavy-duty job but remember this is basically EDC typeKershaw Oso Sweet.
Handel and ErgonomicsHandel is made from “410 stainless steel” and coated with “Bead-blasted finish”. It has a thickness of 8.08 mm (0.31 in.)Oso Sweet’s handle is Glass-filled nylon with a thickness about.13.5 mm.
(0.53 in)
In terms of thickness winner is Oso Sweet.
Both the handle materials are good and “Rust Resistance”
Knife Style and TypeLeek is a assisted and folder type pocket knife.Same as the Leek, it’s also an assisted and folder type pocket knifeBoth
Overall Length and WeightIt has an overall length of 17.9 cm.(7 in).It weights up to 85g.(3 oz)It has an overall length about 18 cm.( 7.1 in) and it weights up to 80g.(2.8 oz)Kershaw Oso Sweet.
VariantLeek has a wide variety of knives like- Kershaw 1660CBBW, Kershaw 1660ST Leek Assisted Opening Knife, Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660CKTST, Kershaw Leek 1660, Kershaw Leek 1660CF, Kershaw Leek 1660CKT,etc.It has no other variety. This is Kershaw Oso Sweet 1830 is the only model.Kershaw Leek
PortabilityBeing a mid-length thin blade, it kind of disappears in one’s pocket.It is bit of a
thick blade compared with the Kershaw leek.
Kershaw Leek
Hand GripA stainless steel handle is durable and strong at the same time it’s slippery too. Which cause trouble in gripping.Glass-filled nylon is itself a sturdy material and because of the “spider web” like scale is curved all over the handle provides a better grip.Kershaw Oso Sweet
Deployment and LockupKen designed this with Kershaw’s “SpeedSafe” assisted mechanism, allowing it to open quickly just by pushing the thumbstud or by pulling flipper.
For the lock Ken used the “Frame lock” so that the blade can move behind to lock it into position during use.
The Oso Sweet also comes with Kershaw’s “Speed Safe” assisted mechanism. Though it has “Liner lock” mechanism.Kershaw Leek
PriceLeek’s price can start from 48.50$ , it can cost more than a 100$ depending on the model. For example-Kershaw Knives 1660DAMBK(116.88$)Oso Sweet comes with a price under 30$(25.90$ in amazon)Kershaw Oso Sweet
Leek vs Oso Sweet Comparison Table

Tips You Must Follow Before Choosing A Pocket Knife 

Blade Quality

blade quality

Blade quality is the most important thing in choosing knives. Pocket knives are basically for “Everyday Carry” EDC use, but that does not mean that their blade quality will be poor from other knives. Blade quality depends on the following points-  

a)Blade Material

b)Blade Edge

c)Blade Thickness

d)Blade Fragility

a)Blade Material 

Blade Material must be checked before buying a knife, whether it’s a pocket knife or a heavy-duty knife. Some of the best blade materials are listed in the following- S30V. 







8Cr13MoV Aus-4 

AUS-8 Steel 

D2 Steel, etc. 

Blades made from these materials are the best quality you will find.

b)Blade Edge 

The thick knife is good for its durability, but the edges should not be too thick or too thin. Thin-edge knives are quite sharp, but too thin edge cause the tip to snap off due to moderate pressure. Edges should be thin and sharp, but at the same time, they should be able to hold their tip in terms of pressure.

17 to 22 Degree Angles are perfect for knife. For a pocket knife, a 20-degree angle is just the low side of ideal.

c)Blade Thickness 

 blade thickness 

For a pocket knife, it is good to be thin rather than bulky.

2mm to 3mm thick blade is preferable for your EDC knife. A pocket knife in this range will be best for you.

d)Blade Fragility 

A pocket knife may look good, but does it have enough durability?

The blade needs to be sharp and tough enough to take pressure. The tip of the knife should be a manageable size because being too slim tip often results in snapping off the tip.

The Handle

the handle

The handle of a knife is as essential as the blade; a good handle will provide a better hand grip when used. Though there are no absolute best materials for pocket knife handles.

Some good materials used for the handle are listed here-



Stainless Steel


Carbon Fiber



This list will help you determine the handle that suits you.

Pocket Carry

Pocket knives are meant for EDC uses, and if it comes with a pocket clip, hang it on your pocket. Pocket knives can have both “Tip-up and Tip down” pocket clips attached to the handle.

It depends upon one’s choice of how he wants to carry the knife.

Weight and Size

The perfect overall size of a pocket knife should be about 7 inches to 7.5 inches. The blade length is no more than 3.5 inches. The overall weight should not exceed 4.5 ounces.

Deployment and Lockup

deployment and lockup

A pocket knife that opens quickly and locks the blade securely while using is the most palpable.

Frequently Asked Questions Are Answered

1. Best Blade Shape for All-Around Use?

Drop point-style blades are commonly used.

2. What is the Most Common Type of Pocket Knife?

There are three types-Carbon steel, Stainless steel and Tool steel.

3. Why Carry a Pocket Knife Every Day?

It is an indispensable tool in an emergency as you can cut seatbelts, break window glass, cut bandages and many more.

4. Can a Pocket Protect You?

A knife provides the self-defense that you need. Along with other benefits, it’s a proven self-protector.

5. What is the Difference Between a Pocket Knife and a Knife?

2 Blades that pivoted at the same end were pocket knife, and the blades that pivoted at the opposite ends were a penknife.


A pocket knife should have all those quality to be the best. Now, a choosing a knife totally depends on your decision. I have done your job easy for Kershaw leek vs Kershaw oso sweet ,choose what suits you.

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