Can You Flush Gum Down The Toilet

Most of the time, they flush unusable materials like gum, paper, and metal things down the toilet. While we think it will not do any damage, eventually, it will damage the pipeline. Gum is flushed down the toilet mostly. With the naked eye, we can not see what the gum can cause, but at times it clogs the pipeline causing blockage of the pipeline.

What are the Consequences of Flushing Gum Down the Toilet?

Gum may seem like nothing, but it can cause headaches when the pipeline gets jammed.

Some affect the gum can cause are –

Clogging and Blockage

The chewing gum is a sticky material. Gum flushed down the toilet can stick to the sewage line. Eventually, causing the pipeline to be blocked. As a sticky substance, it can also attract other junk in the pipeline. This can result in blockage of the pipeline.

Does not Degrade 

It seems easy and harmless to flush gums down the toilet, but as it does not break in water, it stays the same. Gum is a type of polymer and can not be degraded with water. This property gives this sticky material to live forever in the sewage line. As it does not dissolve in water, it can be stuck to the pipe and cause blockage. 

Damaging Pipeline

Gums can cause damage to the pipeline. Gums stuck to the wall of the pipe, which causes blockage. This blockage cause disturbance in the water flow and results in pipeline jamming. The gums stuck on the wall also attach other debris as well. This causes damage to the durability of the pipeline.


A sewage line clogged and blocked by gums with other junk creates problems. To solve this problem, you need to clear the line. Some professional cleaners do this. The process can take time, depending on the blockage. It will cost around 350$-650$.

Damaging the Environment

Most of the sewage lines end up in rivers or ponds. Gum does not break in water and will pollute the water. This can cause harmful effects on marine life as well.

Where Can You Dump Gums

Gums are perfect for stress release. Gums have a unique property that allows them not to degrade even in water. After chewing gum, you just can not throw it anywhere. So you need to dump it in the right place.

1. Trash Bin

A trash bin is used for this type of stuff. After chewing gum, throw it in a trash can. It is safe to wrap it with paper so it does not get stuck in the bin.

2. Gum Disposal Bin

Few cities have these specialized bins. These bins are made especially for gum disposal. Look for a gum disposer bin to throw your chewed gum.

3. Recycle bin

Now this can be tuff to find as not all accept gum for recycling. However, some offer to recycle gums. Find if your city provides this facility and property to dump your gum.

4. Use gum wrapping paper

The best way and safest way to dump your gums is to wrap paper. After chewing gum, you can wrap it with the pack it was in or simply use a piece of tissue or paper. This helps not to stick gums in trash bins. 


Try to follow the suggestion and dump chewed gums in the proper place. Gums not only cause clogs and blockage in the sewage lines but also harms our environment. So from now on, stop dumping gums randomly; use paper to wrap it, and throw it in the proper place. 

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