How To Loosen Strap Clamp

Strap clamps are used to tie down loads, but it becomes urgent to loosen or unlock a strap clamp. The urgency of loosening a clamp can be various, which I will discuss. 

Easy Ways To Loosen A Ratchet Strap

First: The very first thing to do is to lock the ratchet strap properly. Without locking it properly, it will be difficult to loosen the ratchet strap. “You can’t loosen it if it’s not locked.”

Second: Disengage the auto pawl to squeeze the manual pawl.

Disengage the auto pawl to squeeze the manual pawl

Third: Squeeze the manual pawl.Doing it will unlock the ratchet strap. 

Squeeze the manual pawl.Doing it will unlock the ratchet strap

Fourth: Continue pressing the manual pawl simultaneously and thump the bar upwards as far as possible.It’ll not work if you don’t clutch the manual pawl simultaneously.

Continue pressing the manual pawl simultaneously and thump the bar upwards as far as possible.It’ll not work if you don’t clutch the manual pawl simultaneously

Fifth: Keep the ratchet fully flat.By keeping it flat, you’ll see that the ratchet will pop slightly.But to do this, you must ensure the two pawls are disengaged.

Keep the ratchet fully flat

Sixth: Tug the ratchet completely to loosen it.

Tug the ratchet completely to loosen it.

Seventh: You’re in good luck if the ratchet is a quick-release model.Then release the socket on top to depress the button and pull it off.Now there you have the easy ways to loosen a ratchet strap.

Why Does The Ratchet Strap Get Stuck? 

The are several reasons for the ratchet strap to get stuck. I will discuss it in the following

3 Major Reasons For A Ratchet Strap To Get Stuck

  1. Partially closed ratchet strap,
  2. Rusty and damaged ratchet strap,
  3. Overloaded ratchets spool,

How To Loosen A Stuck Ratchet Strap?

As I told you earlier, there are several reasons for a ratchet strap to get stuck. As a ratchet gets stuck, it gets difficult to loosen it. For each stuck situation, there is a solution. I will discuss the steps below-

1. Partially Closed Ratchet Strap 

Partially Closed Ratchet Strap 

We see this problem very often as this very common to do so. Keeping your ratchet strap not closed or partially closed can cause difficulty in loosening the strap. In this situation, you first need to squeeze the manual pawl to release the strap from the ratchet. Doing this will lift the manual pawl and will allow it to flatten the ratchet. Afterward, you need to pull the handle upward and keep lifting the handle until it is as flat as it is possible. After this, you can release the manual pawl. After flatting the ratchet, you will hear and feel the strap loosen. One thing left for you to do is pull the loosened strap out of the ratchet.

Step 1: Squeeze the manual pawl first,

Step 2: Pull the main handle,

Step 3: Flatten the Ratchet as much as possible,

Step4: Remove the loose strap.

2. Rusty And Damaged Ratchet Strap

Rusty And Damaged Ratchet Strap

Metal tools often get rusty, which is a major issue in using tools, as most are made from iron materials. Using a rusty ratchet strap becomes irritating and gets stuck as it will never unlock. For this reason, I have the perfect ways to loosen a “Rusty Ratchet strap.”

When a ratchet strap gets rusty, it becomes difficult to tighten or loosen it. Well, the most important thing for every rusty tool is to soak it in rust removal chemicals. Depending on the rust level on the ratchet strap, this may take some time, even a day. After soaking it for a couple of hours, brush the ratchet to remove rust.

This an important tool for your cargo and in day-to-day use, so you better have time for it to get all working again like new. After the rust is clean, mostly or fully, try to wiggle it to loosen the ratchet.

Step 1: Find a perfect rust removal chemical for your rusty ratchet strap,

Step 2: Soak the ratchet in that rust removal chemical for a couple of hours,

Step 3: After a few hours, brush the ratchet properly to remove the rust,

Step 4: Then wiggle the ratchet couple of times to loosen it properly.

There you have it working like it was when you first bought the ratchet strap.

3. Overloaded Ratchets Spool

Overloaded Ratchets Spool

This a very common problem we hear about, and it’s comparatively easy to get rid of this problem. This problem arises when you do not remove the slack before tightening downloads on your cargo, motorcycle, or any other vehicle or in stores. 

You will see lots of extra leftover straps after you have tied up your equipment, and this is definitely normal! You should keep a little strap wrapping around the spool. This keeps the pawls functioning as they should. But you must not let the strap overload the spool. As a matter of fact, an overloaded spool can be dangerous as it makes the ratchet harder to tighten and lock and pushes the automatic pawl.

Now I will discuss how to get rid of this situation-

To fix this, you will need a bit of strength. Now you are going to follow my steps first by disengaging the ratchet mechanism; then, you need to pull the unhooked strap as hard as possible that will finally unwind from the spool. 

Step 1: Remove the slack. This will prevent the spool from building up big,

Step 2: Ratchet mechanism should be disengaged properly,

Step 3: You must pull harder on the unhooked strap until it loosens.


When loosening the strap, you must remember that both the pawls must be disengaged properly; without clearing the pawls, you will not be able to loosen it as much as you try.

If you are facing trouble loosening the ratchet strap, it is most likely to be stuck.

When you tighten the ratchet strap, one of the pawls must be engaged in gear teeth, but when loosening it, both the manual and auto pawls must be disengaged properly to loosen it accurately.

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