Solving The Issue of a Door Makes Noise When Closing

Do you remember those old horror movies that showed an old house with squeaky doors and creepy sounds when walking up the stairs? Nobody likes to have that kind of experience in their own home.

However, sometimes we have these problems with doors. They make noise when closing them because of different factors: -The hinges are rusty, or there’s debris in them. The tracks have dirt or something inside them. The door is warped or not perfectly aligned; You see, there are many reasons why a door makes noise when closing it.

Thus, you need to find solutions fast, so you don’t feel uncomfortable living in your own home. Let’s take a look at some suggestions on how to solve this problem efficiently.

Check The Hinges

check and clean the hinges

First things first, unfold the door and check the hinges; are the screws loose? Do the hinges look rusty? If so, this might be the problem because they’re not aligned properly. In this situation, you should take the hinges off and clean them. Next, you need to put some oil, so they don’t rust again. If you don’t find any problem with the hinges, then you need to check the tracks of the door.

fix the hinges

Clean or Repair The Tracks

clean and repair the track

Another thing you can do is clean the tracks on the door, especially if you have pets in the house, because they leave hair in the tracks. In addition, if the tracks are made of wood, they might have small cracks that create noises when closing the door. You can repair them with wood glue and let them dry completely. If that doesn’t help, maybe you need to replace the entire track.

Tighten The Screws

tighten the screws

If cleaning the hinges or tracks doesn’t solve your problem, then you might need to tighten the screws. Usually, the screws of the hinges or a loose knob on the door are old and need tightening. Thus, you need to unscrew the knob and tighten the screws. You should check all the screws of the door for any signs of rust or loose screws. If you notice rust, replace them and tighten them as much as possible.

Use Lubricant

If you don’t find any issues with the hinges, tracks, or screws, then you should try to use lubricant on the door. There are many types of lubricants, but you should choose the one that’s designed specifically for doors. Just put the lubricant on the hinges and the tracks of the door, so they move smoothly while closing.

use lubricant to the screws

Spray a generous amount of the WD-40 onto the rag and then wipe down the door, paying special attention to the hinges. You may need to open and close the door a few times to work the lubricant into the hinges.

use lubricant to the wheel

If the door has a doorknob, you can also spray a bit of WD-40 onto it and wipe it down. Make sure to turn the knob a few times to work the lubricant into the mechanism.

Once you’re done, the door should open and close much more quietly.

Install Door Sweep

Another way to avoid noises when closing the door is to install a door sweep. This is usually made of rubber and placed on the bottom of the door to avoid dirt and debris from getting inside your house. A door sweep can also improve the airflow in your house. Door sweeps are very cheap and easy to install. All you have to do is put it under the bottom of the door, and that’s it.

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Installing Weather Stripping

You can also install weather stripping on the sides of the door. This is usually made of rubber and placed on both sides of the door. Its role is to prevent warm air from escaping outside and cold air from coming inside. Weather stripping improves the insulation of your house and prevents noises when closing the door.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you understand how to fix a door that makes noise when closing. For this, you need to first identify the cause of the problem and then take the necessary steps to solve it. You can also read other articles online that can give you additional advice on how to deal with this issue. In conclusion, it can be a very annoying and frustrating experience to live with a door that makes noise when closing. With the tips in this article, you can fix the problem quickly.

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