Best Handles for Bifold Doors With Buying Guide

Door handles are one of the most used items in our daily life, from the very beginning of the day when we wake up and even when we go to bed.

Some of them are for security purposes, and some are for privacy. As per we know, it is not a daily thing which we are going to buy repeatedly. That is why your door handles must be durable and convenient to use daily. 

That is why we are here to help you with door handles, and here are the 5 best door handles for bifold doors to choose from, no matter what kind of handle you are looking for.

5 Best Door Handles for Bifold Doors: Reviewed in Detail  

Image Product Price
gobekor door handle GOBEKOR 2 Pack Bifold Door Handles Check Price
Probrico-2-Pack-Door-Levers-Bifold-Door-Handles Probrico 2 Pack Door Levers Bifold Door Handles Check Price
SMARTSTANDARD-12-Pull-and-Flush-Barn-Door-Handle-Set SMARTSTANDARD 12″ Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set Check Price
SUNRIVER-Drawer-Pulls-and-Knobs-Handles SUNRIVER Drawer Pulls and Knobs Handles Check Price
Probrico-Black-Cabinet-T-Bar-Door-Handles Probrico Black Cabinet T Bar Door Handles Check Price

There are varieties of door handles we can find in today’s market. To find the suitable one for you, you can have a look at this detailed review.

1 GOBEKOR 2 Pack Bifold Door Handles

gobekor door handle

On our first mark, we are looking for a very nice-looking door handle from ‎GOBEKOR. This door handle has a wavy look suitable for both right and left hands. 

You can have it in both left-handed and right-handed types. Its color is known as Satin Nickel which hints that it is ‎Nickel coated with an excellent finish, which will give an elegant look to your lovely home. 

The diameter of the rosette is 65mm, and the handle length is 120mm, with an outstanding balance of design. Available in 2 different types: one with privacy lock or with no privacy lock.

The material used to manufacture these handles are mostly ‎Zinc Alloy and Bronze. Metal like these gives a solid infrastructure to the body with a lighter weight. 

As per the usage, the latch can be adjusted as required, and smooth movement is delivered from the latch during the opening and closing of the door. 

With better performance, it gives a better experience to a user at this price point. Bifold doors or any passage doors in hallways would be a better option for these types of handles. 


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Adjustable latch
  • Comparatively reasonable price


  • No handle lock

2 Probrico 2 Pack Door Levers Bifold Door Handles

If a universal latch is on the priority list for installing a door handle in a bifold door, then ‎Probrico’s door handle would be a great choice. It also comes with a plastic cover and backplate. 

The body of the door handle has a premium look with a Nickel brushed finish. A classic wavy handle makes it comfortable to hold and pull the lever. The handle is designed ergonomically, which gives a hand a better grip. Available for both left and right-handed doors.

As usual, the rosette of the door is stable with the handle. The diameter of the rosette is 65mm, and the handle length is 120mm. The total weight of the door handle is 3.36pounds. 

Probrico’s door handle comes in 3 different colors: Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze & Black. Any of these will give a bold look to any home decoration. 

Installations can be done through an easy method, and it also comes with an installation guide. Long screws are required for installations. 

For passage or hallway doors, it would be a fine choice. These door handles have no privacy lock.


  • Durable
  • Better grip
  • Elegant Design
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Nickle finished


  • Expensive

3. SMARTSTANDARD 12″ Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set

SMARTSTANDARD 12 Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set

When privacy is not an issue and looking for the easiest way to open and close the door, pull and flush the barn door handle is the best choice. SMARTSTANDARD’s pull and the flush barn door handle are really a great choice. 

With ‎rustic styled smooth finish gives an outstanding feel with great grip in hand. Stainless steel and carbon steel finish are available. The cylindric shape makes it easy to hold.

SMARTSTANDARD’s handle set comes with 5 spare parts. Two major parts of the handle set are the handle part and the finger pull part. 

With a minimalist design, these handles are remarkably easy to install. Some basic tools are also included with the package. 

The thickness of the door must be at least 19.1mm. For a thicker door, longer screws would be required. Doors, gates, garages, sheds, barns, sliding doors closets are suitable for this handle.

Silver and black colored are available to give an exceptional look to your decoration. Barn door pull and flush can be applied on wood, glass, or aluminum doors. 


  • Minimalist Design
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with basic tools
  • Lightweight


  • No privacy

4. SUNRIVER Drawer Pulls and Knobs Handles

SUNRIVER Drawer Pulls and Knobs Handles

Using different types of furniture like kitchenware or wardrobe is common practice in daily life. Drawers, closets, or cabinets are typical.

Drawer pull handles or knobs are the first things that come to mind if someone is about to open them. SUNRIVER’s Drawer pull handle and knob are the best options. 

With brushed stainless steel finish gives a luxurious look. Handle length is 127mm, and diameter is 12mm. Knob diameter is 28mm, height is 26mm, and base diameter is 20mm. 

Handles are made of stainless steel, and the inside is hollow; on the other hand, a knob is made of zinc alloy and solid.

On the exterior body, the finish is coated with Nickel, which gives a sharp and minimalist look. Therefore a sustainable resistance to rust is also carried out with time. 

SUNRIVER’s these pull handles and knobs are available in two different hole lengths. One can choose any of them which one is suitable as per the surface thickness. Pull handles and knobs can be used in kitchenware, wardrobe, cabinets, wine cabinet, and locker.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable rust resistance


  • No handle or knob lock

5. Probrico Black Cabinet T Bar Door Handles

Probrico Black Cabinet T Bar Door Handles

Nowadays t bar drawer pulls knobs are one of the most popular pull knobs. With a stunning modern look, it is easy to install and easy to use for daily purposes. 

The T-shaped single hole gives a unique look from a different point of view. Besides the T-shaped pull handle, there are more traditional pull handles in various lengths from Probrico. 

The material used in these bar-styled pull handles is ‎Stainless Steel. A smooth black finish gives a better feel to the hand while holding. Clynedric handle gives a better grip to hold in hand. Inside, these pull handles are hollow, providing a lightweight property with durability.

The package contains the required pull handle, mounting screws, and an installation manual. The length of the T-shaped pull handle is 50mm, and the diameter is 12mm. 

Other traditional center-to-center pull handles are available in various lengths like 64mm, 76mm, 96mm, 128mm, etc. Easy to install these pull handles to enhance the beauty of home decoration with its own harmony. 


  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes with essential tools
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable resistance to rust
  • Easy to install


  • No handle lock

Buying Guide

As per there are a lot of door handles in various price ranges. It would be helpful for customers to know which things they should be confirmed before buying a door handle. 

Door Handle Types

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of handles: the lever handle, flush barn door handle, drawer or cabinet pull handle, and knob and t-bar drawer pull knob. All of them have different purposes.

If minor privacy is a concern, the lever handle is the best option, according to mentioned ones. The passage or hallway gate are better options. It comes with both locks and without at different price points.

A flush barn door handle is a good option when privacy is not a concern. Which also comes with a finger pull feature. Easy to use and easy to install. Also comes with the necessary tools. 

When it’s required to pull a drawer or swing a cabinet door, there is no option other than a drawer or cabinet pull handle and knob or t-bar drawer pull knob. With a minimal design, this is easy to use. 


When it comes to the material, it varies from different types of door handles types. When it is lever door handles, the internal material of it must be made of metal. 

It can be made of bronze, aluminum, or any other metal. As we earlier mentioned about some lever handles. Any of them would be better depending on one’s price point. 

If the internal structure is the primary concern for durability, then bronze would be a better option for selection. The handle of lever handle can be made in various materials like wood, glass, or plastic. It depends on the decorative purpose. 

If one is looking for a flush barn door handle and privacy is not a concern. Then it would be much easier to choose the right one. 

There are varieties of pool handles made with different materials. Some are made of stainless steel; some are carbon steel. Each of them has fabulous finishing. Handle like this one gives a catchy eye look into home décor. 

The same thing goes with drawer or cabinet pull handles or knobs. Lightweight is a better option for carrying a better tensile strength in the metal. Knobs are made of metal alloy and also in a solid structure.


Safety is an essential part of installation. In some cases, drilling is required to apply screws, and in other processes, sharp tools are also used. For one’s, it would be a healthy practice to keep safety measurements during installations. 

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Some minor things are necessary to check while buying these products. For lever handles, latch movement should be checked. If a latch hole cap is provided, then that should be checked. 

SMARTSTANDARD’s heavy-duty 12″ pull and flush barn door handle set comes with 5 pieces. That also needs to be checked. 

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. What is the Best Type of Handle for a Bifold Door if Privacy is a Concern?

The best type of handle for a bifold door if privacy is a concern is a lever handle.

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2. What is the Best Type of Handle for a Bifold Door if Privacy is Not a Concern?

The best type of handle for a bifold door if privacy is not a concern is a flush barn door handle.

3. What is the Best Type of Handle for a Drawer or Cabinet?

The best type of handle for a drawer or cabinet is a drawer or cabinet pull handle.

What is the Best Type of Handle for a knob?

The best type of handle for a knob is a knob or T-bar drawer pull knob.

Final Verdict  

There are varieties of door handles in the market. You can purchase them online or offline. You can pick any door handle according to purpose and looks. From lever handles to t-shaped pull handles, all of them have excellent finishing. Also available at different price points. 

Some can provide a specific limitation of privacy and none at all. Some are easy to install, and others are maybe not that easy at all. You can choose your door handle according to your criteria based on the regulating things just mentioned in Best Handles for Bifold Doors.

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